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Ultrapro® Tx Prophy Angle

Disposable Prophy Angle
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Product Details

Ultrapro Tx disposable prophy angles are an essential component for every practice. Their ergonomic shape helps reduce hand and arm fatigue and their patented gear design ensures smooth function. Accessing the subgingival aspects of the tooth is a snap with Ultrapro Tx DPAs. And with firm or soft cup options, you can ensure you get the right cleaning power for each patient.
  • Smooth-running, quiet gear design
  • Ergonomic shape reduces hand and arm microtraumas
  • 100% latex free
  • Improved flare for better subgingival access
  • Color-coded cups for easy identification of firm or soft prophy angles
2016 Reality Four Star Award2015 Reality Four Star Award

Indications for Use

Ultrapro Tx Prophy Angle

​Ultrapro Tx disposable prophy angles are intended for prophylaxis procedures, for use by a trained professional in general dentistry.

Technical Details


Ultrapro Tx disposable prophy angles have been expertly designed with precise angles to reduce fatigue and to prevent injuries often caused by repetitive movements.


Ultrapro Tx disposable prophy angles clean every patient’s teeth effectively. They’re flared for better subgingival access, which helps in reaching areas of the tooth that other angles can’t get to.


With Ultrapro Tx prophy angles, you get all the benefits of a high-quality angle without the added cost. And because prophy angles never expire, you can buy your supply in bulk to save even more.


  • Can I use Ultrapro Tx disposable prophy angles on my current handpiece?

    Yes. Ultrapro Tx disposable prophy angles are designed to work with the Ultrapro Tx handpiece, but they are also effective when used with any hygiene handpiece.
  • What is the difference between the green angles and the blue angles?

    The green angles are soft; the blue angles are firm.
  • Do the prophy angels contain latex?

    No. All Ultrapro Tx prophy angles are latex free.